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BBS 42 DSL Information

Any computer with an eternet card and TCP/IP can use BBS 42's DSL.
Albedo and BBS 42 DSL supports all Operating Systems
Windows 95Windows 98
Windows MEWindows NT 4
Windows 2000Windows XP
Windows 2003Windows Vista
Mac OS 8Mac OS 9
Mac OS 10Linux All Versions*
*Some older versions require a manual configuration

For our business customers our DSL service can be used to monitor any security camera system that has an internal webserver and it is Point of Sale (Debit/Credit Card) machine friendly.

BBS 42 can set up a True Private Network for corporate clients with multiple locations. For corporate users with more then 10 DSL connections with BBS 42 will receive custom pricing.

To Check Availability enter FULL Phone number with area code

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Information on Dial-Up Services offered by BBS 42

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