Price List for and BBS 42 Servers

Current Price list
Prices are valid as of March 1, 2007

Residential Internet AccountsRegular2 E-mail
Internet basic
30 hours per month1 Month package$15.00$18.00
10 Meg of Webspace3 month package$35.00$42.00
 1 Year package$125.00$150.00
15 Meg web, 20 min idle timeout 2 E-mail1 Month package$23.95
14 hour maximum connection3 month package$65.00
 1 Year package$199.00
Unlimited Deluxe
30 Meg of webspace & Unix Shell access1 Month package$29.00
4 Email boxes, Email aliases, Multilink PPP3 month package$79.00
20 min idle timeout, 16 hour max connection1 Year package$279.00
Block Hours
From your start date you have up Initial 50 Hours$50.00
to 2 years to use up your block of hoursInitial 100 Hours$85.00
Ideal for lite usersInitial 200 Hours$155.00
 24 Additional Hours$24.00
 50 Additional Hours$40.00
 100 Additional Hours$69.00
 200 Additional Hours$119.00

Extra E-Mail Account$ 5.00
3 months$12.00
1 Year$32.00
All accounts include 1 E-mail address/pop account
Webmail and user configured spam filtering.
All Accounts have Unlimited access from 1:00 am to 7:00 am
Additional charges may be occurred on High bandwidth Web or ftp Service. ($0.05 per meg)
$0.50 charge per hour over monthly limit.
Multilink billed as 2x Hours.
More info on Commercial and Dedicated
Prices subject to change without notice!

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