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 Caryatid Portico of Erectheum, Athens, 421-05 B.C.E.
(N.B.: Because of air pollution, the statues on the building are copies;
the originals are in the Acropolis Museum.)
_Kristin Lord 2004

This is my home page, which contains links to course information and lots of other material for those interested in Greek and Roman antiquity.



I also have a page on my scholarly and literary interests, as well as a page of a more personal nature, including information on legislation about marriage.


Finally, I have uploaded information relevant to other citizens of the USA who are living or traveling outside the country and political information for my Canadian friends and acquaintances.

Although I am a Hellenist by specialization, I have links below to information pertinent to both the Greek and Roman side.



Note: Except where otherwise indicated, Kristin Lord holds the copyright of material on this site. In terms of quoted material offered for translation, I am in the process of obtaining permission to reprint and translate sources which are not in the public domain.



Library of Celsus, Ephesus
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And yes, Antonia actually existed!

Antonia (1989-2002)