BBS 42 Webmail

From the Login Screen enter your username and password. Make sure that your caps lock is turned off.

Login Screen

If it is your first time logging in, please see the Intro Page

Your inbox screen will look something like this. It may be a different colour, depending on your settings.


In order to write a message, click on the compose icon compose button on the inbox screen. You will see the following screen. When you have finished your message, simply click 'send' at the bottom. It will automatically send your message.
If you wish to add an attachment, click on the 'browse' button, and locate the file you wish to attach, then click the 'add' button.
If you change your mind about sending the message, click the 'cancel' button. This completely erases the message. It does not become a draft, it is lost for good.

Compose a Message

To add an address to your book from the inbox screen, click on the Add Address add address icon beside the person's name. This will automatically add them and take you to the screen below. If you wish to manually add someone, click on the Address Book address book icon, and it will take you to the screen below. Type in their name, and their e-mail address, then click on 'add/modify'. If you wish to edit an address, click on their name, their information will appear in the text boxes. Simply edit them, then click on 'add/modify'.

Address Book

If you wish to view a message, simply click on the subject of the message in the folder. The message will look something like this. If you wish to reply to the message, click on the Reply To reply to icon. If you wish to reply to the sender and all recipiants, click on the Reply to All icon. If you wish to forward it, use the Forward Message forward icon.
To move between messages, click on the blue arrows. The grey arrows indicate that there are no more messages in that direction.

View Email

If you have chosen to turn your headers on, your email screen will look more like this one. It is advised that only advanced users turn on the email headers.

View Email with Headers

If you wish to move an item to the trash, simply check the box on the inbox screen, then select 'trash' from the dropdown list on the right, and finally click on the 'move' button. If you wish to view your trash, select 'trash' from the left-hand dropdown list. Your screen will look something like this. To empty it, simply click on the Trash trash icon.

Trash Folder

For ease of sorting your messages, you are able to add extra folders. These folders can be accessed from the dropdown menus (to move a message, use the one on the right, to view them, use the one on the left). To add a new folder, click on the Folders folders icon to get the screen below. Type in the name of the new folder, then 'add'. To remove a folder, click on the appropriate 'delete' button.


When you are finished with your neomail, return to the inbox and click on the Log Out log out button.

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